Email Marketing

What is exactly Email Marketing? How Email Marketing is Cost effective? 

Email is a very flexible means and valued by users for timely, rich and enticing information and advertisements. Email Marketing a structure of direct marketing using electronic mail for communiqué or market raising messages to users.Our tremendous products and services will amuse you in your business increment. We Pravalika Technical Solutions Massmail serve you in ideal methodology to enhance your relationship with success and strengthen your customer service. Our product is capable to reach 1,00,000 customers through Email in a click. This banks your time and money, and can reach a great number of customers in a short period.
Most of our clients mind that their E-mails stay in Spam without their customer identification. Realizing that, the product developed by us with an ideal feature gives solution for Spam Control. E-mails sent by us are perfectly directed to Inbox. And gear up your customers to read your messages. This of course aids your company name with out stained.
We provide your customers with Unsubscribe option to unsubscribe from our E-mail List. We block these E-mail Ids from receiving our letters ethically. We block Band IP from our list to persuade the standard of your company brand.
We send Emails to enhance the relationship with your new customers or existing customers and to persuade customer commitment and repeat your business with themPravalika Technical Solutions Massmail is committed to create a strong output for you provided that you are always right by all the means.

E-Mail Marketing Benefits :

Pravalika Technical Solutions Massmail E-mail Marketing alone will meet your intention in a cost-effective and measurable manner Our solution offers great benefits provided used in a precise manner. They include

  • Quicker and cheaper than direct communication.
  • Speed of response.
  • Targeting according to user preferences.
  • Personalization.
  • Immediately traceable and measurable.
  • Areas of interest can be reached
  • Drive more qualified traffic
  • Increase leads and sales.
  • Maximize brand visibility.
  • Provide your site a competitiv advantage.
  • Cost effective marketing

Exploit our E-mail Marketing solution to capture new customers :

  • Email marketing is, as the name suggests, the use of email in marketing communications.
  • Post e-mails direct promotional to gain new customers and to attain existing customers.
  • Design your e-mail to the customer reliability and enhance your bond with your customer
  • Locate your messages and advertisement in the emails sent by others.

Email Marketing operates as a Relations Management Tool for your business. E-mails are ever-increasing your business globally.

Reputation of E-mail Marketing

  • E-mail delivers your message to the people.
  • E-mail is the only cheapest communication than any other.
  • It has proved its success provided used in the right technique

Our email marketing strategy is the high potent tool for all business types and any size. Only means by which one can attain an outstanding results with a small investment and by very less time.
Business rate of 54% has attained that E-mail marketing as their prime business promotion. Its in-build advantage is faster, cheaper and easier. The real success of the small business is the potential target of the Email Marketing.

Cost Effective Service :

Pravalika Technical Solutions Massmail E-mail Marketing, an affordable mode of marketing in the committed business strategy. Nevertheless none other expense as virtually less than E-mail Marketing. Eloquently E-mail Marketing is more cost effective than direct mail and it cost even less than a penny per mail.

Successful E-mail Marketing :
E-mail Marketing is the effective mode to enhanc e your sales, impel your customers to your site and increase traffic. Typically it communicates with your existing customers to return to your site.

Immediate Response : 
Typically the E-mail response occurs with 48 hours. Since the call stroke is clear and concise: “Click here to learn more about the service” or “take advantage of this offer”.

Targeted Fragment :
Your sponsorship goes to the individuals most likely to respond to your offer given that you can simply slice your list using various decisive factors.

Opt-in/ Permission Email Marketing :

What is Opt-in Email? How Permission Email Marketing Works?

Your worries to reach your targeted audience and frequent questions like ‘Did my customer read the message’ comes to an end, because your customers has given permission to receive your emails. Pravalika Technical Solutions Massmail offers you with the perfect Opt-in/Permission Email Marketing. Now you know that your message have reached the right hands that deserve your Service.
Opt – in – An option to your customers to receive your newsletters. This is the most common opt-in method used.

Opt – out – An option to opt-out if your customers do not want to receive your newsletters. This method is rather unreliable to the customers.
Double Opt – in – An option to your customers to receive your newsletters, the subscribers may receive a conformation email that must be reacted in double opt-in. Even though it’s quick long process but the email list will contain the customers who have given a sturdy permission to receive newsletters.

This opt-in or permission based email marketing is the most greeted method to reach your targeted customers by which you can retain a good relation and satisfy your customer with the list growing. And the most important advantage is there will not be Blacklist treat.

Reports Email Marketing :

Email Activity Summary :

  • Total number of email recipients.
  • Recipients opened your email
  • Number of recipients clicked any hyperlinks in your email
  • Number of recipients who replied to your email
  • Number of recipients who has unsubscribed
Click Through Reports
  • Measurement of clicks through your campaign by day
  • Measurement of clicks through your campaign by URL
  • Measurement of clicks both by day and URL
Contact List Report
  • Number of your customers who has unsubscribed before but not removed from the list. We filter these lists from the list provided by you.
  • Filter user list which does not match your content
  • Net total number of recipient sent
  • List of bounced emails

Anti – Spam Control :

Pravalika Technical Solutions E-mail Marketing does not suggests spamming.  Our user can not disguise where the message received from the entire source information is posted to the recipient. We highly contest to spamming and we will make every effort to deactivate accounts for sending of spam.


Frequently Spam is used to gather the personal information which is bought by other companies, allowing them to admit your information typed in the “spam”.

Sender may go to the extreme extend to hide their origin of messages. To which the huge companies may hire another firm to post their messages as the result the grumble or overcrowding of email plunge on third party. The e-mail protocol (SMTP) has no authentication by default, so the spammer can pretend to relay a message apparently from any e-mail address. Some ISPs and domains require the use of SMTP-AUTH to prevent this, permit positive identification of the specific account from which an e-mail originates. Because the receiving mail server reports the actual connection from the previous mail server’s IP address.

Some spammers falsify extra delivery headers to appear if the email had formally traversed many genuine servers to count.

Often spammers look for and use of susceptible third-party systems such as open mail relays and opens proxy servers. The SMTP system, used to post e-mail athwart the Internet and also forwards mail from one server to another. Mail servers, ISPs run require some form of verification that the user is a customer of that ISP. This open relays do not check the mail service for the user and the destination address.

E-mail posted, or sourced to post, or in the course of service may not :

  • Exercise or include invalid or fake headers
  • Exercise or include invalid or non fictional domain names
  • Provide work for any method to or else pretend, hide or obscure any information in identifying the point of origin or the transmission path
  • use other means of deceptive addressing
  • use a third party’s internet domain name, or be relayed from or through a third party’s equipment, without permission of the third party.
  • contain false or misleading information in the subject line or otherwise contain false or misleading content.
  • fail to comply with additional technical standards described below or otherwise violate the applicable Terms of Use for the Services.

Anti-spam techniques:

Both end user and administrators of email systems use Anti-spam techniques to prevent e-mail spam. But they were not success with any techniques.

An anti-spam technique is of two broad categories:

  • Require actions by individuals.
  • Automated.

Reporting spam :

Contacting the service providers, responsible for the content in the desktop is the valuable way to end spam. Registrar is often the most effectual administrative body to contact in those.

Reporting Spam Complaints

If you feel that you have received unsolicited email, then please forward the email you received (including the full header) to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.



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